Beauty Made Brief
Look pretty and polished with just a few beauty bare necessities from Fashion Fair

1. Brush Up
Using the correct brush can make applying makeup faster and easier! With better control, you can achieve a more natural, flawless look that lasts all day. Our new and improved FashionFair Makeup Brusheshave lush, soft bristles and are available in six versions (l-r) Concealer, All Over Eye Shadow, Angled Eye Shadow, Blush, Foundation and Powder. Try all six and see the difference! (Available this spring)

2. Beauty is only skin deep
Moisturizing your skin every day is the key to beautiful skin. Hidden Beauty® Daytime Moisturizer is a great choice to help restore skin to
its optimum moisture level. It also contains SPF 15 sunscreen to help prevent damage caused by UVA and UVB rays.

3. Complexion Perfection
Only apply foundation where you need it most – on uneven skin tone and imperfections. Apply sparingly and blend well to avoid a “mask-like” appearance. For high speed beauty, consider Fast Finish® FoundationStick, for stay-true color that lasts for hours.

4. Powder Power
If you prefer not to wear foundation, go for some wellplaced concealer and oil control pressed powder to fight oily shine, while evening out skin tone. Fashion Fair Oil Control Pressed Powder is a great choice because it won’t build up or settle into pores.

5. Eyes Wide Open
A little bit of liner and eyeshadow can have a big impact. Start with well-groomed eyebrows, apply eyeliner and finish with a single eye shadow from lash line to crease to open up your eyes. Fashion Fair Eye Shadows come in long, lasting impactful colors.

6. Lip Service
A splash of lip color can effortlessly give you a more polished, sophisticated look. Try our Limited Edition Fashion Fair Lip Teasers®, available in three red shades that are designed to complement women with deeper complexions.

Trends on the runway give life to real world beauty. Great skincare products and cosmetics are every woman’s must-haves to put her best face forward. Fashion Fair® Cosmetics has led the way as the No. 1 cosmetics company in the world for women of color and are the official cosmetics for the Ebony Fashion Fair models. Here are some of the products we found backstage at the world’s largest traveling fashion show.

1. The cosmetic line’s oil-free, soft powder Beauty Blush gives a matte finish, reduces unwanted shine and comes in a wide variety of shades to complement any look.

2. Oil-Free Perfect Finish® Souffle Makeup is a light, luxurious whipped creme makeup that is fragrance-free, non-greasy and water-based. It is especially formulated to provide great flexibility in coverage from moderate to maximum.


3. Special Formula Lotion is a super-rich, luxurious treatment leaving skin smooth and soft to the touch.

4. Botanical Cleansing Gel is soap-free and leaves skin feeling refreshed and invigorated.

5. Vantex® is a special creme formula for gradual fading of skin discolorations such as freckles, age spots or dark marks.

6. Perfect Finish® Creme Makeup provides adjustable coverage that may be as light as desired or offers extra coverage for individuals who have troubled skin or large pores. This lightweight, creamy foundation is perspiration-resistant and streak-proof, allowing it to stay "perfect" for hours.


7. Fragrance Free Oil-Control Loose Powder is the finishing touch for every makeup. It sets foundation for longer wear, provides a matte finish and is specially formulated to control oily shine.

8. Hidden Beauty® Foaming Facial Cleanser is a unique liquid-to-foam cleanser that tones the skin while gently removing makeup and surface impurities. Its anti-aging properties help to remove dead skin cells. It’s excellent for all skin types.

9. The soft and silky texture of the eye shadows provides even application for maximum coverage. Contouring, highlighting and other special effects can be achieved easily with the wide variety of tantalizing shades.

Product Images Provided By Fashion Fair Cosmetics