Ebony Fashion Fair models Andrea Keese (l) and Tonya Dolphin (r) and commentator Jada Collins (c) are FIT TO BE FABULOUS at The 48th annual Ebony Fashion Fair.



  Eunice W. Johnson -Producer/Director of Ebony Fashion Fair and Commentator Jada Collins on the red carpet for the premiere of The 48th Annual Ebony Fashion Fair 'Fit To Be Fabulous'


The 48th annual Ebony Fashion Fair has all the glitter and excitement of a sensational Broadway production. We’re breathing new life into the world’s only traveling fashion show of this kind!

In this age of computerized warfare, hostile takeovers, isolated outbreaks of unfriendly fire and political factions maneuvering for power, there is the mainframe talent of a group of 21 people traveling on a chartered bus with only one thought in mind – to assist non-profit organizations in raising funds for their favorite charity.

Their computer-oriented persona embraces the technology of programming fashion into excitement. Their mission is to “light up” the stage with sensational creations from world- famous American and European designers.



Act I

Act II





Scene I

Stylishly Square


Cold As Ice


Scene II

Colorful Drama


Stripe It Up


Scene III

In The Bag


Cocktails For Two


Scene IV

Fashionable Felines


Fabulously Grand


Commentator Jada Collins


If you've got the desire to wear the best and the attitude to wear it well, then you are "Fit to be Fabulous." It is not about the size or shape of your body; "Fit to be Fabulous" is about the size and shape of your fashionable state of mind. So whether you're size 4 or size 4x, you're fit to wear the array of fabulous new looks shown on the runways of New York, London, Milan and Paris for the 2005/2006 fashion season.

As is often the case in the world of high fashion, what's old has become fabulously new again. The fashion fabulous decades of the1940s and 1960s, along with design elements from exotic places such as Russia and India, gave inspirational themes to this season's designer collections. Tailored suits with 1940s' flair and fluid waist-defining dresses adorned with luxurious embellishments and jolts of fabulous color dominated the runways of the world. An array of Russian fur Cossack hats and color-rich India-influenced borders add opulent styling to reinvented gypsy looks when worn with oversized overcoats and voluminous long skirts. And the youthfulness of the 1960s reemerged in the form of microminis and bubbled-up jockey caps that delightfully accessorized color-blocked dresses and sporty tweed separates for the younger "Fit to be Fabulous" generation.

However, the most awe-inspiring creations appeared to have come straight from the red carpets of Hollywood's fashion fabulous silver-screen era of decades past, which was inspirationally reflected in a lavish assortment of silver and gold metallic gowns, pantsuits and cocktail dresses. Ultrafine silk jacquard brocades and fully beaded silk corduroys were used to create some of this season's most impressive silhouettes. And décolleté necklines and floor-sweeping trains emerged to become signature looks for all who are going to be "Fit to be Fabulous" this season.

So, if you are ready to upgrade your sense of style, then you're ready for the 48th annual Ebony Fashion Fair to entertain you, inspire you, and encourage you to become fashionably "Fit to be Fabulous"!

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