The Luster style squad showcases three different ways to coif your hair to perfection.

The ideal style for any diva on the move.

  1. After shampooing and conditioning, add a quarter size amount of Pink ® Classic Light Oil Moisturizer to your wet hair. This helps protect hair from heat and styling damage.
  2. Using a brush or comb, smooth your hair around your head in a clockwise fashion (or counter clockwise depending on preference) keeping the hair smooth and close to the head.
  3. Use a small-toothed comb (or brush) to smooth all loose ends into the wrap.
  4. Dry hair under hood or bonnet dryer. Once hair is completely dry, comb down and add an extra dab of PINK ® Classic Light Oil Moisturizer for added shine and a silky-smooth finish!

This fun, flirty style will have heads turning.

  1. Before you smooth your layered tresses with a flat-iron, add a nickel size amount of Pink ® Sheer Oil Moisturizer to your hair for added moisture and shine.  
  2. Part hair on preferred side and simply press your tresses from root to tip using a smaller (1/2" to 1") flat-iron.
  3. Create unstructured, whimsical flips by flicking your wrist up ¼" from the ends of your hair.
  4. For added shine and to tame strays, finish style by putting Pink Sheer Oil Moisturizer on fingertips and smoothing fly-aways.

The slick ponytail is the requisite chic style for the office or even an evening out with the girls.

  1. Comb your hair , removing any tangles. Add a quarter size amount of PINK ® Original Oil Moisturizer throughout your hair.
  2. Comb or brush bangs down and flat-iron to create a smooth bang. Use brush to pull and smooth remaining hair back.
  3. Secure hair with a covered band and let your pony tail flow.
  4. Finish with an extra dab of PINK ® Original Oil Moisturizer to smooth edges and ponytail.

Best Tressed
Knowing What’s Best To Impress!

Luster Products, Inc. is the leading African-American owned and operated manufacturer of premium personal care products servicing people of African descent worldwide. Founded and based in Chicago, the company’s hair care products specifically cater to the health and maintenance of the hair of African-Americans. Below is the Luster style team’s top picks of products that can help fashionistas tend to their tendrils in style.

Luster's® Pink® Original Oil Moisturizer Hair Lotion provides manageability and styling control for a variety of styles including pressed hair, wraps, wispy styles, ponytails, natural and braid styles, weave and waves for him or her. It can be used daily to replace natural oils lost to heat styling. It also conditions and moisturizes damaged hair to reduce breakage.

Luster’s Pink® Conditioning No-Lye Relaxer comes in Regular and Super Strength and features the Pink® Protection System, which contains special conditioners and essential vitamins and oils. This relaxer system provides superior straightening for softness, protection from hair breakage, and leaves hair shiny and more manageable.

Luster’s® Pink® Classic Light Oil Moisturizer Hair Lotion is re-formulated with essential vitamins and natural ingredients to restore and maintain healthy hair. Classic Light is made with Aloe Vera that penetrates and protects the hair for improved elasticity and less breakage, and Jojoba Oil that softens and silkens the hair without greasy, oily build-up.

Luster’s Pink® Glosser is formulated with natural ingredients, vitamins and essential oils that revive dull, dry hair to a smooth, silky and shiny finish. Pink® Glosser adds a healthy glow to hair without build-up and is perfect for creating your style or adding sheen to a finished style using a curling or flat iron. Pink® Glosser is lightweight and ideal for daily use on wet or dry hair.

Luster’s® Pink® Sheer Oil Moisturizer Hair Lotion is an all new lightweight formula that nourishes, conditions and strengthens hair while promoting hair growth. This daily moisturizer can help transform limp, dry and lazy hair to hair with body, bounce and sheen. This lotion is great for wrap styles, roller sets, roller wraps and soft, curly hair styles.

Backstage, Luster Products International Style team member, Kevin Pendleton readies Ebony Fashion Fair model Petal Munroe for the premiere of the 51st annual show. Kevin uses Luster’s Sheer Pink lotion to make sure that Petal’s hair has body and bounce before she hits the runway.

One lucky winner at every show will win a swag bag full of a one-year supply of hair care items from Luster.

Product Images Provided by Luster Products. Photos Provided by Ebony Fashion Fair.