Dear Friends of Ebony Fashion Fair:

The times are changing and so are the fashion trends. Many old and famous fashion houses are enlisting new, young designers who are creatively influencing changes in every facet of fashion. From urban street wear to high-fashion haute couture, a change in trend can be seen. There is an exciting and inspiring changing of the guard this season as a brand new generation of designers display their talents and move to the forefront of the fashion scene with emphasis on the body beautiful.

With new designers come fresh ideas, different styles and revolutionary trends. One of the biggest trends provoking change this season is the ingenious resurgence of leather that clings to the body like a second skin. Once deemed to be a rugged and masculine material, leather is now being shirred, draped and cut into soft daytime dresses and figure-flattering evening gowns. It can be pearlized, satin-finished or dyed any color of the spectrum. Leather and it’s flip side, suede, add a powerful, trendy look to tailored suits, feminine dresses and sensuous after-five attire with revealing cut-outs that offer peeks of the body beautiful.

This year’s 44th annual production of the Ebony Fashion Fair is set to assist you in making the best choices. This year’s show, entitled “The Changing Trends of Fashion,” will showcase all that is new and exciting in an array of unusual splendor that reveals the body in a whole new fashion twist.







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