In its 49th annual production, the Ebony Fashion Fair will again display the style, elegance and flair that enthusiastic audiences have embraced and celebrated year after year in city after city.

Noted nonprofit groups host the fashion show in each city, and the following are the chairpersons who help to coordinate the shows in their respective areas.

Fall 2006 Chairpersons
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Dawn Ellis
Delta Sigma Theta
Tinley Park, Ill.
Sept. 6

Janice Suber
Delta Sigma Theta
Schaumburg, Ill.
Sept. 7

Vivian Mays
Milwaukee, Wis.
Sept. 8

Joyce Graham-Coats
Ultra Art Club
Ft. Wayne, Ind.
Sept. 9

Carrie Larkin Russell
TWIG 110 Children’s Hospital
Columbus, Ohio
Sept. 10


Joyce Bolden
Alpha Kappa Alpha
Harrisburg, Pa.
Sept. 12


Dr. JoAnn Spencer
This Is Your Life Association
Allentown, Pa.
Sept. 14


Minnie Bazzelle
Phi Delta Kappa
Wilmington, Del.
Sept. 15


Quanda Mitchell-Grasty
Atlantic City, N.J.
Sept. 16


Ann Mitchell-Bull
Delta Sigma Theta
Trenton, N.J.
Sept. 17


JoAnn Burns
Urban League
Morristown, N.J.
Sept. 18


Delores Johnson, M.D.
Shiloh Baptist Church
Plainfield, N.J.
Sept. 19


Sakena Young-Scaggs
Delta Sigma Theta
Providence, R.I.
Sept. 21


Cecelia Peppers Johnson
Sickle Cell Disease Assn. Of America
Hartford, Conn.
Sept. 22


Geraldine Pierre
Millat Educational Consortium
Boston, Mass.
Sept. 24


Ruth Ann Stutts
Springfield Girls’ Club & Family Center
Springfield, Mass.
Sept. 26


Nyhisha Gibbs
Alpha Kappa Alpha
Poughkeepsie, N.Y.
Sept. 27


Patricia Jenkins Lewis
Alpha Kappa Alpha
Hempstead, N.Y.
Sept. 29


Cynthia Walker
Committee of 100
Newark, N.J.
Sept. 30


Ruth Clark
The Support Network & Friends
New York, N.Y.
Oct. 1


Cary Schonyers
Foster Military Lodge No. 67 Temple Assn.
Willingboro, N.J.
Oct. 4


Tahese Toney
Alpha Kappa Alpha
Rockland County, N.Y.
Oct. 5


Dr. Delia Loney
Brooklyn Committee-Brooklyn Home for Aged
Brooklyn, N.Y.
Oct. 6


Bernice Minor
The Philadelphia Cultural Committee
Philadelphia, Pa.
Oct. 7


M. Frances West
Delta Sigma Theta
Baltimore, Md.
Oct. 8


Lateebia Wright
Delta Sigma Theta
Dover, Del.
Oct. 10


Addie Griffin
National Epicureans
Elizabeth City, N.C.
Oct. 11


Virginia Owens
Delta Sigma Theta
Hampton, Va.
Oct. 12


Ann Sumler
Alpha Kappa Alpha
Norfolk, Va.
Oct. 13


JoAnn Bush
Zeta Phi Beta
Richmond, Va.
Oct. 14


Ethel Lawhon
The Continental Society
Washington, D.C.
Oct. 15


Cornelia Pierre
Alpha Wives Club of Montgomery County
Silver Spring, Md.
Oct. 16


Essie Dorsey
National Council of Negro Women
Syracuse, N.Y.
Oct. 18


Robert Frazier Jr.
Trinity Emmanuel Presbyterian Church
Rochester, N.Y.
Oct. 19


Cecelia Henderson
Buffalo, N.Y.
Oct. 20


Madonna Chism Pinkard
Youngstown, Ohio
Oct. 21


Brenda Mays
Cleveland, Ohio
Oct. 22


Julia Day Jefferson
W.H.I.S.P.E.R. Organization
Erie, Pa.
Oct. 23


Audrey Anderson
Pittsburgh, Pa.
Oct. 24


Phyllis Carter
Delta Sigma Theta
Charleston, W. Va.
Oct. 25


Georgia Wiley
Cultural Social Service Organization of St. Paul UMC
Roanoke, Va.
Oct. 26


Patricia Sadler
Urban League
Winston-Salem, N.C.
Oct. 27


Peggie S. Horton
Delta Sigma Theta
Greensboro, N.C. Oct. 28


Tuwanna McNeely-Tucker
Zeta Phi Beta
Charlotte, N.C.
Oct. 29


Tommy Cox
Omega Psi Phi
Goldsboro, N.C.
Oct. 31


JoAnn Smith
YMI Cultural Center
Asheville, N.C.
Nov. 1


Robert Stewart
Omega Psi Phi
Knoxville, Tenn.
Nov. 2


Kira Tyler
Alpha Kappa Alpha
Gary, Ind.
Nov. 4


Sylvia Buie
Lansing, Mich.
Nov. 9


Clara Jenkins
Delta Sigma Theta
Detroit, Mich.
Nov. 12


Ruth Harris
Grand Rapids, Mich.
Nov. 14


Brenda A. Caldwell
Delta Sigma Theta
Flint, Mich.
Nov. 16


Brenda Vinson
Saginaw, Mich.
Nov. 17


Cheryl Slack
Alpha Kappa Alpha
Toledo, Ohio
Nov. 19


Jeanine Donaldson
Elyria YWCA & Lorain County Urban League
Elyria, Ohio
Nov. 21


Alice Young-Ditto
National Council of Negro Women
Dayton, Ohio
Nov. 24


Marcia Glaspie
Alpha Chi Pi Omega
Indianapolis, Ind.
Nov. 25


Charlotte Stevenson
Ebonaise Social & Civic Club
Louisville, Ky.
Nov. 26


Debbie Cole
The African American Forum
Lexington, Ky.
Nov. 28


James Buford
Urban League of Metropolitan
St. Louis
St. Louis, Mo.
Dec. 2


Cheryl Carson
Alpha Kappa Alpha
Kansas City, Mo.
Dec. 3


Emile McGill
Delta Sigma Theta
Wichita, Kan.
Dec. 5


Carlene Ferguson
Ladies Civic League
Springfield, Mo.
Dec. 6


Leslie Brown
Victims Assistance Center
Kankakee, Ill.
Dec. 9


Ronald Bell II
Prince Hall Masonic Family
Bloomington, Ill.
Dec. 10