||FALL 2002-2003||


Ebony Fashion Fair
Jada Jackson


Ebony Fashion Fair
Music Director,
Theodis Rodgers Jr.
prepares for the show.



A musical director, arranger and co-writer, Theodis began his musical career at the tender age of 5 as the youngest prodigy to promote Wurlitzer’s Organs at Evergreen Plaza in Chicago. His credits include directing the music for Largely Live, co-writing the title song for A Family Thing and a cameo appearance in Indecent Proposal. Traveling as music director with Ramsey Lewis, Patti LaBelle, Diahann Carroll and, of course, with Ebony Fashion Fair, have been the rewarding highlights of his illustrious career.


On the catwalks and runways of the world’s leading fashion houses in New York, Milan, Paris and London, designers are showcasing intriguing garments that demonstrate their desire to accentuate the extravagant and highlight the lavish. The result is breathtaking fashions that enlighten, entertain and uplift the human spirit, clothing that will make you the center of attention at any and every event. Indeed, top designers this season are offering garments that are simply spectacular.

It is evident that escape and fantasy are design inspirations for many of the garments, which certainly deliver a diversion from the bland and boring. Attire with illusive style elements invites you to live out your fashion fantasies. There are fanciful, free-floating silk chiffon blouses, stoles and full skirts. Opulent textures and patterns can be found in some collections, while in others exotic, ethnic elements create an updated peasant style. Then there’s the carnival look that struts boldly into the season with eye-catching, colorful collages, bold collars and mixed patterns with extravagant embroidery and sensuous lace.

Spectacular garments demand equally spectacular accessories to match the emotional lift of fashions this season. Large, oddly shaped hats are embellished with baubles, bangles and feathers, which also enhance simple daytime suits and regal evening ensembles. Beautiful flowers are used for much more than mere accessories. The bold floral motif is the signature look of the season. In general, floral and fauna prints dominate the haute couture collections.

To be fashionably current, your personal style this season must lean toward the elaborate. Like the designers, you must demonstrate triumph and celebration in your attire. A fresh, new outlook on life should be reflected in your clothing and your attitude. It’s time to get away from the drab and somber and go fashion-forward. It’s time to be, as the 45th Annual Ebony Fashion Fair show illustrates, Simply Spectacular!

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